Advanced Tri-lab Software Environment

The Advanced Tri-lab Software Environment (ATSE) is an effort led by Sandia in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory to build an open, modular, extensible, community-engaged, vendor-adaptable software ecosystem that enables the prototyping of new technologies for improving the ASC computing environment.

The initial target for ATSE is to accelerate the maturity of the Arm ecosystem for supporting ASC computing and the high-performance computing community more broadly. The goal is to build an integrated optimized software stack that includes:

  • Application development environment and libraries
    • Compilers, math libraries, tools, MPI, OpenMP
  • Low-level system software
    • Optimized Linux, network stack, file systems, containers, virtual machines
  • Job scheduling and management
    • workload manager, application launcher, user tools
  • System administration and management
    • booting, monitoring, image management

ATSE will leverage existing efforts such as the Tri-lab Operating System Stack (TOSS) and capabilities being developed under the Software Technology focus area of the DOE Exascale Computing Project.

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