Astra is the first large-scale prototype system deployed under the Sandia Vanguard program. The system is composed of 2,592 compute nodes, each of which contains two sockets that are populated with 28-core Cavium ThunderX2 64-bit Arm-v8 processors. The theoretical peak performance is more than 2.3 petaflops.

Astra system

System Specs

Peak Performance2.3 PFLOPS
Number of Nodes2592
Total Memory Bandwidth885 TB/s
Total Memory Capacity332 TB
File System403 TB (Lustre)
Power Consumption1.2 MW
Interconnect FabricMellanox EDR InfiniBand (ConnectX-5)
Fabric Topology3-Level Fat Tree, 2:1 L1 Taper
Compute Racks36
Chassis per Rack18
Nodes per Chassis4

Compute Node Specs

Processor Cavium Thunder-X2 CN99xx
Frequency2.0 GHz
Memory Capacity per Socket64 GB
Memory Controllers per Socket 8
Memory Speed DDR4-2666
Network I/O Per Socket 1 PCIe x8 link

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